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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Where Did East End Go?

Well, it’s still here – although sometimes we’re not sure where “here” is. I guess people have always been a little confused about East End, and understandably so. We're located in Saline County. Kids attend Grant County Schools. We have Little Rock phone numbers. Little Rock, Hensley and Mabelvale mailing addresses.

Andy Mayberry (no, not Andy from Mayberry; Andy Mayberry) and his wife, Julie, gave voice to our identity when they established the community newspaper, The East Ender. It’s not just the name of the paper; it’s who we are – East Enders. And we're proud of it.

But a lot of change has taken place prior to this publication heralding our identity. Personally, I remember MacWilliams store on Chicot Road near Clearlake Estates. They had fresh produce in makeshift wooden bins on stilted legs. You could use a little metal shovel to scoop peanuts out of a barrel. And my uncle would stop there to buy me an orange push-pop after he had taken me to ride his horse.

I loved MacWilliams store. It’s quite possibly my favorite memory of “old” East End. And I fully realize that as I say “old” there are many out there who can remember when it wasn’t around. There are generations of businesses/landmarks that I never knew.

But here are a few more I remember….I remember when the Dairy Bar was Caple’s Dairy Bar (and I still say NO ONE can make a foot long hot dog the way Mr. Caple did – he knew just the right combination of everything to put on it). Logan’s Grocery Store was in the building behind Romine’s Texaco (which is still Romine’s today! smile). The old Jaycees Park was on East End road where Springwater subdivision is. It had a baseball field located behind it. Baseball was played there and at a field behind the school.

The school. East End Elementary. There was an old cafeteria building that stood where they park the buses now. It wasn’t used as a cafeteria by the time I started going to school, but I remember having Little Miss La Petite pagent practices in that building, singing “These Are A Few of My Favorite Things” at the top of my lungs. We had an asphault play area with a big oak tree in the middle of the buildings that had a couple of concrete benches beside it. Fifth and sixth grade held classes in the “old building.” I think that may have been the original school building (now gone). Who knows? Maybe there was another building before that one.

Well, these are just a few things I remember. I’d love to hear from anyone who has other memories. That’s the great thing about memories; we may only remember a few things at first, but if I share some memories then you share some memories before long we’ll all be saying, “Oh yeah, and I remember this…and that…and this…and that…”


  • I remember when we use to go to MacWilliams store and each get a Big Red soda and split a bag of peanuts that we would then pour into our Big Reds. I miss Big Red and peanuts.

    By Blogger Sassy, at 9:37 PM  

  • I just miss MacWilliams. Okay, I miss Big Red, too. Fortunately, (or unfortunately given my need to eat healthier), my favorite is coming back - Nehi Peach! YUMMY!

    By Blogger My Father's Child, at 8:36 AM  

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