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Monday, May 22, 2006

Active Faith

I have two friends whose only “job” in life is full-time Mom. Don’t misunderstand when I use the word “only” – because believe me as far as jobs go full-time Mom is more than enough. When I say only in reference to these two women, it’s not a word used to make light of what they do; it’s a weighty word used to describe their devotion to being a full-time Mom.

I admire both of the greatly. One of them home schools and therefore can also be called a “stay-at-home” Mom. The second goes to school with her kids and works there as a computer lab teacher (but that not her job – it’s just what she does while her kids are in class!). These two women have taught me so much about faith – and I treasure them even more now as I am learning a new dimension of faith in my life. They are an inspiration to me.

You see, Yoleah and Susan are women who exercise an active faith. I know they wouldn’t agree with that necessarily because sometimes they can only see where they are lacking. But let me try to explain what I mean…

I have faith that God sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross for my sins – and that Jesus rose again and conquered death so that I can have eternal life. That’s one element of faith – believing what you can’t see. And I exercise the kind of faith that allows me to handle the unexpected events in life with a knowledge that God is in control. But I don’t think I have been in the habit of making conscious decisions about the direction of my life based on faith.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m stepping out on my faith in a major way to actively follow God. And it has been a crazy, crazy adventure already. And God has been very generous with the blessings. I finally feel like I can relate to what Yoleah and Susan talk about when they tell me stories of how things are unexpectedly provided for them all the time - and how they feel when that happens.

So here it is folks, I am going to the Glorieta Christian Writer’s Conference. It’s become so clear – I have received a scholarship for the registration. I have received a gift that will also help pay for the registration. So, in the financial obstacles category, all that’s left is lodging, meals, airfare, and ground transportation. There are some fees for additional services at the conference that I would like to take advantage of, but those are not “have to” expenses so they could fall by the wayside if necessary.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the women in my life and I think I will dedicate my posts this week to them. I think I will pursue writing about my church sisters this week. They are so humble in their thoughts about themselves – I think they deserve it right now.


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